Professor Bruno Bastos’ Finland Seminar Tour!



April 5th-6th MMA Vantaa, Vantaa
April 7th-8th Barreto Lahti, Lahti
April 9th-10th Fight Club, Jyväskylä
April 11th-12th TJJK, Tampere
April 13th Ahjo Training Center, Kerava
April 14th F4S, Hämeenlinna
April 15th HIPKO, Helsinki

Can’t wait to see my Finish friends!
Any questions contact Janne Maunonen.

Professor Bruno Bastos

4th Degree Bjj Black Belt
36 years old, 230lb
Academy Bastos Bjj Midland
Team Bruno Bastos Association

2x ADCC Veteran,
Copa Podio Veteran,
Five Grappling Super League Veteran
UFC Expo Super-Fight Veteran
Grapplers Quest World Series 8-Man Tournament Silver Medalist
Grapplers Quest 32 Best Man 4th Place
Grapplers Quest 8-Man All Stars 3rd Place
Copa Cyclone Super-Fight Champion
Copa Cyclone 8-Man Tournament Champion
2x Submission Wrestling Campos Champion

IBJJF Master Worlds Champion,
2x IBJJF Pan American Champion,
2x IBJJF European Open Champion,
3x IBJJF NoGi World Champion,
IBJJF NoGi Pan Ams Champion
IBJJF Internacional de Masters Champion,

IBJJF Mundials Bronze Medalist
IBJJF Pan American Silver Medalist
IBJJF European Open Bronze Medalist
IBJJF NoGi Worlds Silve Medalist
4x IBJJF NoGi Worlds Bronze Medalist
IBJJF NoGi Brasileiro Champion
2x IBJJF Brasileiro Bronze Medalist

Abu Dhabi Bjj World Pro Silver Medalist
Abu Dhabi Bjj NoGi World Pro Bronze Medalist
3x CBJJO Copa do Mundo Champion

2015 TXMMA Academy Of The Year
2014 TXMMA Association Of The Year

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6 questions with Professor Bruno Bastos!



For our third installment of the “6 Questions” feature, we are excited to bring you insights from a world-renowned competitor, Bruno Bastos.  Make sure to catch him August 2nd on the Five Grappling Super League PPV.  


Name: Bruno Bastos


Rank & Organization: Black Belt, Bruno Bastos Association

BJJ Highlights:  3x World Cup Champion; World No Gi Champion; Pan American Champion; World Champion

Etc: Owner, Bastos BJJ Midland; Founder, Arte Suave Charitable Organization


1)  What do you consider your worst BJJ moment, and why? 

I would say it was when I got invited to ADCC in 2005 (Los Angeles) & 2007 (New Jersey), but couldn’t compete both times because I had my visa refused by the embassy in Brasil. I was very prepare both times and it was very hard to accept this.

2)  What’s an “AHA!” moment you’ve had in your journey?

I believe it would be on my transition Purple to Black Belt. I got my Purple Belt in November of 1997 and my Black Belt in January of 2001. During this time I could get to training every week with Master Andre Pederneiras, Leo Santos, Vitor Shaolin, Robson Moura, Marcelinho Pereira, Rodrigo Feijao, Gustavo Dantas, Fernando Boi, BJ Penn, Loro Galvao, my brother Rico Bastos, my cousin Andre Bastos…and plus get with Master Wendell on the weekends as he lives in Campos 4hs away from Rio de Janeiro. It was great time to took me to another level when I met Professor Paulo Caruso who also changed me.

3)  What’s the best jiu-jitsu advice you’ve ever received?

From Professor Paulo Caruso about open my eyes from everything that I could put on Jiu-Jitsu. I started to give more attention for Judo, Wrestling & Conditioning. That helped my Jiu-Jitsu a LOT. Also Professor Paulo Caruso showed me the importance of listening my body. I believe now at 35 I do it very well.

4)  What is one habit you have that you believe has contributed to your success?

Working for perfection in everything even I do know I won’t be perfect ever in anything. And it’s not only in Jiu-Jitsu. It’s about Lifestyle. Sometimes I do understand that is hard for the ones around me having to deal with that, because I don’t relax since I’m trying to push everyone around me to do their best all the time as well, but I believe with that I can little by little leave a better World that the one I was born.

5)  How do you mentally and physically prepare for competition? 

I like to do 8 weeks training camp with the first 2 just adapting my body very hard 5 weeks and slow down on the week of the tournament. The Mental part I do with #TheBjjMentalCoach Gustavo Dantas. The Conditioning part with Giulliano Massaras and also my Wife Petya Bastos. With That I’ve had won Master Worlds, Pan Ams, Europeans, NoGi Worlds, NoGi Pan Ams, Nogi Brazilian Nationals, Bronze Medal at Mundials and competed ADCC 2009 & 2011.

6)  Who is your favorite superhero?

Batman because he doesn’t have super powers. He trains to be a Superhero.

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Where does Bruno Bastos black belt come from? Osvaldo Fadda profile from


Oswaldo Baptista Fadda (January 15, 1921 – April 1, 2005) son of an immigrant Italian family who moved to Brazil in the early 1900’s was a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, reaching the rank of “nono grau”, a 9th Dan Red Belt. He is known for being one of the highest ranked non-Gracie black belts and also for teaching students from the poorer areas of Rio de Janeiro, where jiu-jitsu was regarded as a upper-class sport. Fadda’s lineage, the most prominent second to Carlos Gracie lineage, still survives through his links with today’s teams such as Nova União, Grappling Fight Team, as well as Deo Jiu-Jitsu (Deoclecio Paulo) and Equipe Mestre Wilson Jiu-Jitsu (Wilson Pereira Mattos).


Fadda was born in Bento Ribeiro, a suburb in the north of Rio de Janeiro. At the age of seventeen, while in the Brazilian Marines he began to study Jiu Jitsu under Luis França, a black belt under Mitsuyo Maeda in Belém in1917.

Fadda had received his own black belt from França in 1942 and soon started teaching Jiu Jitsu free of charge in unorthodox locations such as public parks and beaches, often without the aid of crash mats, aiming to spread the art of jiu-jitsu to the poorer folk. Fadda also saw jiu-jitsu as a way to help people with physical or mental disabilities, especially the city’s numerous polio victims. With no real income from his teaching he was forced to advertise within the obituary section of the local newspaper.


Another important activity in which is Fadda pioneered, was the therapeutic recovery, through the teaching of Jiu-Jitsu as supportive therapy to medical treatment. This included people with physical and mental abnormalities, motor paralysis of children affected by polio victims. In this area, Fadda had worked miracles among the many students of which he taught, including “Torpedo”, black belt Jiu-Jitsu fighter missing both legs from the knees down.

Despite being regarded by the Gracie family as an outcast, Fadda managed to open his own academy on the outskirts of Rio on January 27, 1950. In1954, Fadda felt confident that his school was ready for the next step and released the advert in the “O Globo” and “Diariodà Noite” and issued the following challenge/statement:”We wish to challenge the Gracies, we respect them like the formidable adversaries they are but we do not fear them. We have 20 pupils ready for the dispute”.

Helio Gracie took on the challenge, saying he was impressed by the cavalry of Oswaldo Fadda. The challenge took place within the Gracie Academy in the city of Rio De Janeiro. Fadda’s team emerged victorious making good use of their knowledge of leglock and footlocks, in which the Gracie’s were lacking.José Guimarães one of Fadda’s pupils choked Gracie’s star pupil “Leonidas” unconscious. After the challenge, Fadda gave an interview for the “Revista do Esporte” (sport magazine) stating… “We finished with the Gracie’s tabu”. Hélio Gracie in a interview after the event to newspapers said:”All you need is one Fadda to show that Jiu-Jitsu is not the Gracie’s privilege”.


Afterwards Fadda about the Gracie said, “I want to make it clear that I have no intention to diminish in any way the Gracies. I am referring only to the” myth “that they and their students are invincible.”

The Gracies, had previously derided the holds as “suburban technique”, but were quick to applaud Fadda’s win as a sign that jiu jitsu was for everyone, not just the well off.

The result of the challenge was well publicised across Brazil and many new students arrived at Fadda’s school seeking tuition.

The beginnings were difficult and Fadda, more than once, had to defend his art from the assaults of capoeristas, boxers and bullies that invaded his academy. “But they always came back with kimono under the arm, recognizing the supremacy of jiu-jitsu,” thus says his daughter Rosa.

In 1955 a new contest between the two academies took place during the famous meeting between Santana and Carlson. Once again the Fadda Academy would walked away with victory yet again.

scansione0004 - Copia (2)

The most famous Fadda techniques were the “chave de pè” and “mao de vaca”, in the jiu-jitsu community were viewed with suspicion, and earned the nickname “suburbs stuff” (Tecnica de Suburbano). When someone from the Fadda Academy attacked with leg-locks and foot-locks, supporters of Gracie shouted: “Sapateiro, Sapateiro!” (Shoemaker) to try to embarrass him, but often without success. It was through this style that Fadda, and his academy, had fame and notoriety.

Oswaldo 70 years wrote a book titled “The Jiu-Jitsu and the Fall of the Complex” in which you can read: “It must always be kept in mind that the whole structure of Jiu-Jitsu is based on the use of the strategy, agility and speed of movement rather than sheer force.”

Fadda’s older brother Humberto Fadda, and his grandson, Helio Fadda have followed in his footsteps, the Fadda Academy did not have the same luck of the Gracie family. The Academy of Bento Ribeiro no longer belonged to the family since the early 1980’s. Fadda and Cascagrossa branch closed its doors in 1990.

fadda kids

Keeping the Fadda name alive today are his grandsons, Renan and Marcos and other noteable students that earned the earned and had the privelage to train under Fadda. These include Deoclecio Paulo, Sebastiao Ricardo, Alexandre Chandù, Orivaldo Silva, Geraldo Flores, Roberto Soares, Luis Guedes, Henrique Machado, Moacir Salomao, Neury Gomes, Orivaldo Silva, Geraldo Flores, Roberto Soares, Fernando Soares, Joao Fenandes, Wilson Pereira, Orlando Araujo, Chasco and Lando and Wilson Mattos.

Wendell Alexander co-founder of Nova Uniao academy, a student of Sebastiao Ricardo, Oswaldo black belt, remember that: “When I was about eight years old, Fadda came to the academy well dressed and very serious, chatted a bit, then changed and used a flawless kimono. He was for the hard-line and will convey much seriousness. I respected him very much. ”

Master Fadda died aged 84 on April 1st 2005 for a bacterial pneumonia aggravated from Alzheimer’s. Unlike the Gracie’s, Fadda did not transform his family into an army of fighters, but his legacy lives on in his students in various academies all over Brazil. These include Jacare, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro, BJ Penn, Robson Moura, Leonardo Santos, Jose Aldo and the world champion Rodolfo Vieira Academy (GFT) grappling fighting team.

Oswaldo Fadda was a great fighter and a great man who had as his mission in life to put in the service of his community, hisknowledge of jiu-jitsu. His personal interest, the fame of his name was put into the background compared to the poor community in the suburbs of Rio, where he was born. Oswaldo Fadda was a good man, earnest and humble, a true silent warrior. Obrigado Mestre Fadda.

bruno renan

Professor Bastos awarding black belt ranking to Renan Fadda in April of 2015.

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The Top 10 BJJ Teams in the World




by  – 

There are many high level teams competing in the IBJJF tournaments. Here are the Top 10 teams in the IBJJF based on their team performances in IBJJF events from January 2014 to February 2015. The rankings were determined by Top 3 team finishes at IBJJF tournaments which includes Adult Men, Adult Women, Kids, Juvenile, Novice, and Masters divisions. Placing in the Men’s and Women’s Adult Divisions was weighted heavier than the other divisions. The Grand Slam Tournaments (Worlds, Pans, European Open, and Brazilian Nationals) in Both Gi and NoGi were also weighted heavier than other regional tournaments on the IBJJF circuit. You can view the spreadsheet with the data by going to

Here are the Top 10 BJJ Teams in the IBJJF.

1. Gracie Barra: Won numerous divisions at Worlds, NoGi Worlds, European Open, and Brazilian Nationals to clinch the top spot in the rankings. The team also won the overall titles including American Nationals Gi and NoGi, Floripa Open, Houston Open, Las Vegas Spring Open,  London Open Gi and NoGi, Long Beach Pro, Munich Fall and Winter Opens, Paris Open, Rome Open, and Seattle Open.


2. Alliance: Won Men’s Adult Divisions Worlds, Brazilian Nationals, and European Open. The Women’s Adult team took home first place at Worlds, Pans, and Brazilian Nationals. Also won Adult Men’s division at NoGi Pans and Adult Women’s division at NoGi Worlds.


3. CheckMat: Took first place Adult Female and Novice divisions at the European Open. Won overall titles at Copenhagen Gi and NoGi Opens, Paris NoGi Open, and Zadar Open.


4. Atos: Captured first placed Men’s Adult title at Pans and NoGi Worlds. Also took home the gold at the Pan Kids event in both 2014 and 2015. Finished second in the Men’s Adult  division at Worlds. Also captured the overall team titles at American Nationals Kids, IBJJF Kids International Open, and the San Francisco Open.


5. Nova Uniao: Won the Masters, Novice and Kid’s Divisions at Brazilian Nationals. Also took home the overall team championships at the Boston Spring Open, Las Vegas Summer Open, Masters International Open, and Rio International Open.


6. GF Team: Took home the overall team titles at the Brazilian Team Title and Rio Pro events. The Men’s and Women’s Adult teams both finished in third place at Brazilian Nationals.

7. PSLPB Cicero Costha: Women’s Adult team finished in first place at NoGi Pans and third at NoGi Worlds. The team also finished first in the Men’s Adult division at the South America Open and second at the European Open.


8. Brasa: Won first place overall at the Chicago Spring NoGi Open and the Chicago Summer Gi and NoGi Open. Finished 2nd in the Men’s Adult division at NoGi Worlds and 3rd in the Men’s Adult division at the European Open.


9. Carlson Gracie: Finished first overall in the Chicago Spring Open in the Gi and in third place in the NoGi division. At the Chicago Summer Open, the team finished second overall in both the Gi and NoGi divisions.


10. Gracie Elite Team: At Worlds, Gracie Elite finished in first place in the Novice division and second place in the Juvenile. Finished third at Pans in the Juvenile and Masters divisions.

Honorable mentions:


Ribeiro, Bruno Bastos Association, Impacto Japan, Renzo Gracie, Roger Gracie, Gracie Humaita, Icon, Brazilian Top Team, Roberto Traven, and Team Lloyd Irvin

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Bruno Bastos Association travels to PanKids this weekend!






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Professor Bruno Bastos receives his 4th degree after nearly 25 years of jiu-jitsu, 14 years as a black belt. From




On Saturday, Jan. 17, Bruno Bastos of GMA Bastos BJJ Midland in Midland, TX received his fourth degree on his black belt. This promotion came from the hands of Professor Marcelo Pereira.

The day was part of a full seminar weekend where students were to learn from Ricardo Demente Abreu, Rico Bastos, Marcelo Pereira, Gustavo Dantas and Bruno himself. Promotions were also held for the students.

Midland Texas not only has the ONLY IBJJF Certified Instructor, the ONLY WORLD CHAMPION Instructors and students, and a TOP 10 RANKED Kids Program, but now has the ONLY 4th Degree Black Belt recognized Internationally in over 300 miles in any direction!

COME TRAIN WITH US AT BASTOS BJJ MIDLAND! FREE training for all new students to try our adults and kids judo, bjj, mma, wrestling, striking and self-defense programs.

Hear what Bruno has to say about his promotion and check out the video below:

“Last Saturday I was awarded with the 4th Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu by my long time friend, Professor Marcelo Pereira ( @marcelinhojj ). It was a BIG DAY for me. Very special moment. There witnessing this moment, my “Bebezao” Rico Bastos, Ricardo Demente Abreu ( @ricardodementeabreu ),#TheBjjMentalCoach Gustavo Dantas ( @gdjiujitsu ), the man who brought me to Midland Bradley Barnes ( @bradgordinho ), my lovely wife#BulgarianBeautyPetya Petya Bastos and ALL my @bastos_bjj_midland family alongside my affiliates as well.
14 years of Black Belt feels good and I’m ready for more. Next May I’ll be completing 25 years of Jiu-Jitsu and I’m going to celebrate competing in the Adults division to give some old man hard time for the young guns. There’s only one Highlander…”

Learn more about Bastos BJJ Midland at

pictured: Carlos Eduardo Vidal (Bruno Bastos Association instructor at Red River BJJ), Ricardo Bastos (Gi and NoGi World Champion), Bruno Bastos (Gi and NoGi World Champion head of Bruno Bastos BJJ Association HQ Midland, Texas), Marcelo Pereira (multiple time World Champion), Gustavo Dantas (multiple time World Champ and, Ricardo Abreu (World Champ and current UFC fighter), Jair Neto (World Cup and Brazilian National Champ).
















bastos bjj midland texas muay thai bjj selfdefense midland texas odessa tx fighting UFC training west texas muay Thai judo wrestling mma grappling training midland texas striking classes midland texas muay thai midland  Texas MMA ufc fighting training self defense Permian basin

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Bruno Bastos Association wins People’s Choice award for “Best BJJ Association in Texas”


  • Association of the Year – 

  • Bruno Bastos Association


The Bruno Bastos BJJ Association and Alvarez BJJ performed very strong in the voting this year, as they did on the mats, led by Bruno Bastos and Daniel Alvarez.

bruno danny

Some strive to be the best in their town, we ARE the BEST in the State of Texas. #BastosBJJ won the #PeoplesChoice awards of best #BJJ Association in Texas as voted on by Instructors, School owners, practitioners!

Come to #BastosBJJ in #MidlandTx and try our #WorldChampion lead classes in #Bjj #Mma #Judo#muaythai #striking #Wrestling we are the only gym in the area with World Champions in #Gi #NoGi #Judo and #Sambo and who have coached in #Strikeforce#Bellator and the #UFC

Try FREE classes anytime. Just stop in and check us out at 3001 Courtyard # C-113, at the Midland Plaza shopping center behind Toys’R’Us.

You can also find us online at


If you are in the Dallas Metroplex area, check out our amazing affiliate schools!

bruno affiliates

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Nova Uniao World Champions, Bruno Bastos and Gustavo Dantas, demo some guard passes

bruno gustavo

Nova Uniao Coaches Bruno Bastos and Gustavo Dantas have contrasting styles in their approach to top game and guard passes. They demonstrate how to pass for different body types and styles of bjj, both of which are extremely effective given proper circumstance, such as opponents who can be flattened out while in butterfly.



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Coach Bruno Bastos shows a pass from half-guard in both English and Portuguese


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Part 5 of 5 of coach Bruno Bastos’ seminar during UFC fighter Stanislav Nedkov’s training camp

Part 5 of 5 of coach Bruno Bastos’ seminar during UFC fighter Stanislav Nedkov’s training camp

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